Kerensa, Kaden and Klendy

September 20th she was just learning to pull herself up to stand...December 20th she is walking.

Kaden with a pumpkin.


They taste good too!

Ann loves her blocks!

Rachel and Ann

Mushy is learning to eat. She seems to get more on her than in her.

The Savannah Waterfront

Me and Rachel.

Rachel and her sister Rhiannon

The Old Savannah Cotton Exchange

Typical woman...doesn't know what a turn signal is. :-O

Merry Christmas!

Yikes she didn't like that turn signal comment!

We went to Savannah for Thanksgiving to see Rhiannon. It was ca-ca-ca-cold up there. Ann is all bundled up.

Look out...here I come!

This picture is kinda shaky but I love the smile on Ann.

Dad and Ann. Looks like she has had enough!

Big Smile!

A closeup of Ann.

A big smile from Ann!


Me, Rachel and Ann

Rachel & Ann. The stroller that you see is actually a combination car seat and stroller. It is great for trips. Got it at Babies R Us


I upgraded my Outlook to 2003 and was not able to turn off the Favorites Folder. According to Microsoft there was no way to get rid of the favorites folder. They suggested you right click on the item that you would like to remove from the favorites menu and click remove from favorite folders.

However there is another way to get the Favorite Folders out of the side bar. Simply switch to Folder List. There is an icon at the bottom of the page that looks like a folder:

I also switched my view to classic view by right clicking by the start menu > clicking on properties.


Here is a link to the Qualcomm player that you will need if you are using 3gforfree.com to get ring tones. They want all kinds of personal info and this is a way around it...;-)
Qualcomm CDMA Technologies - Download

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