Apple iTunes Software Update

I received a notice that there was a software update available for iTunes and when installing it I happened to glance at the license agreement. Well I in bold letters was the following statement:
The apple software is not intended for use in the operation of nuclear facilities, aircraft navigation or communication systems, air traffic control systems, life support machines or other equipment in which the failure of the apple software could lead to death, personal injury, or severe physical or environmental damage.
Ummm, why is that included? Was there some Homer Simpson guy working at a nuclear power plant that figured instead of using NRC Regulatory software I'll put Itunes on there and then I can listen to music too. And life support machines? I mean come on! Two senarios would seem to lead to this kind of language. Fist (and this is the one that I am hoping is the case) there is a group of Legal Eagles trying to think up every conceivable situation however asinine that the software could be used in, and then warning people not to use it. The second (shudder) is that people actually tried to use this software in those situations (shudder) which resulted in "
death, personal injury, or severe physical or environmental damage". Never underestimate the stupidity of the masses. ;-)


Why AdSense for content is not always smart.

Relying on the network of sites which are displaying your Google paid listing can be counterproductive. Google touts the ability to read the text on the page and distinguish between coffee, programming and location when typing in Java however below is an example of an X-Cart ad showing up on a page that describes a vulnerability in the software which allows your site to get hacked.


Telemundo Airs Drama Without Ads, But Product Placement

I was wondering when this wold happen. With a growing amount of TiVo, DVR and online viewing of tv-shows it is getting easier to skip commercials.

In a bold move to
narrow the large revenue gap with Univision, competitor Telemundo will air a drama series with no commercials, just brand integration.

Airing on weeknights in late-fringe (7 p.m.-8 p.m.), "Idolos de Juventud" is more accurately a telenovela--the dramatic form of weeknight strip programming popular in the Hispanic community. Brand integration will come in each episode, but no ad breaks, when it debuts this summer.

The tactic intriguingly intersects with a slew of industry issues, such as commercial ratings, the value of product placement and DVRs. Without ads, Telemundo presumably won't have to worry about the tricky aspects of negotiating based on commercial ratings. The content would be "DVR-proof"--there would be no worries about viewers fast-forwarding through the ads.

The value of product placement is another issue, with the network gambling that advertisers will be willing to pay for the opportunity at a level that brings in more revenue than, say, 16 minutes of commercials.

The network said it wants to use one of the burgeoning forms of brand integration--where products become part of a show's story line, not just wallpaper. A Telemundo executive said in a statement that it works by "organically integrating products and making them a part of the lives of the characters on screen." That model, however, is one that upsets many in the creative community.

"We respond to the needs of our advertisers by developing solutions that can harness and influence Hispanic culture on their behalf with creative branded entertainment. We allow them to extend their brand presence in a more significant way," said Steve Mandala, senior vice president, sales at Telemundo.

English-language networks, particularly cable outlets like FX, have offered commercial-free episodes of dramas with single sponsors that also receive product integration, but only for series premieres.

The story of "Idolos de Juventud" involves a Mexican reality TV show looking for the next singing sensation. One of the winners is a music producer's wife, which leads to romantic and other conflicts.


Yahoo (Overture Marketing Console) paid listing in Google

When searching to see if anyone still used Marketing Console rather than something more robust such as Search Ignite I found this paid listing in Google.

When I clicked on the
listing I got a 404 file not found page.

Seems Yahoo should spend their money a bit more wisely.

Memphis Zoo and a wedding.

Went to Memphis over the weekend and hit the Zoo while we where there.
Here are some pictures of Ann and the other animals at the Memphis Zoo

I liked the layout of the zoo better than the layout at Zoo Atlanta (where we are members). It seemed you get closer to the animals in Memphis. Especially the giraffes. (Giraffa camelopardalis) The polar bears were great too but I thought the American Bald Eagle exhibit was too small. They were not able to fly around. The aquarium was small but I am used to the one here in Atlanta which is awesome!

Congratulations to Michelle and Andy R. on their marriage!


Unwanted Crop Marks in Mirosoft Word

Unwanted Word Crop Marks

Got a note from a client today wondering why some, but not all, of their Word 2002 installations show these crop marks (circled in red) while in Print View, even when the Tools > Options > View > Print and Web Layout options > Text boundaries option is turned off. A quick check with the Google Gods turned up this answer, courtesy of Suzanne S. Barnhill, a Microsoft MVP.

Turns out that if Asian language support is enabled using the Microsoft Office XP Language Settings tool, found on the Start > Programs > Microsoft Office Tools menu, these bothersome little corner marks are always present. A quick check on my own system proved Ms. Barnhill to be right on the money.

Big thanks to Ms. Barnhill

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