Sherman & Stu sleeping in the sun.



Ummm, Rachel picked it. ;-)


Hudson eating carrots


Ann's Pledge of Allegiance (to the Publix for which it stands) LOL

The "philly" & "rBQ" from Flip (http://www.flipburgerboutique.com)

The philly had french onions, green peppers, American cheese whiz and ketchup and the rBQ had pulled brisket, coleslaw, rBQ sauce and smoked mayo. In hindsight I think I should have eaten the philly first because the cheese whiz had congealed into a semi-solid state by the time I got to it. The rBQ was great! I was impressed that they actually cooked the burgers med-rare. With the assembly line of burgers and their smaller size I was not optimistic that they would be the correct temperature. Flip had a trendy feel which made me feel a bit out of place. Kinda like the time I wandered into Hot Topic looking for some khaki pants. I WILL go back, even if it is only to try another one of their decadent milk shakes!


2009-11-07 13.35.20

Big Smiles from Hudson!

2009-11-07 13.45.14

Hudson sitting in the leaves at the playground in Helen, Ga.

2009-11-07 14.05.41

The old lady says: Hey kid, move out of the way!

2009-11-08 11.55.42

Cool sculpture at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens

2009-11-08 13.46.13

Ann almost lost a finger here with the Venus Fly Traps! (kidding Grandma)

2009-11-08 13.27.37

Look Fred. A whole room full of orchids!!!

2009-11-08 13.24.55

I had to get on the tracks to get this picture. Phew, I almost got hit by the train!

2009-11-08 13.22.56

Cool looking blue orchid!

2009-11-08 13.22.12

Ann's favorite...I am sure because it is pink!

2009-11-08 13.21.54

More Orchids

2009-11-08 13.21.45

Another cool orchid at the Atlanta Botanical Garden

2009-11-08 13.21.37

Blue Orchid at the Atlanta Botanical Garden

2009-11-08 13.12.27

Spines & Toxins in the desert!

2009-11-08 12.14.04

Ann on a toothbrushing cow with Stella & Aunt Michelle in the background.

2009-11-08 12.13.31

Ann is T H I S tall

2009-11-08 12.11.46

Story time with Mrs. Frog & her little tadpole.

2009-11-08 12.09.12

Ann is standing in the water getting wet! (or so it looks)

2009-11-08 12.08.01

Window to the Heavens

This is a spiritual place.

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