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Chardon Ohio Snow Storm

This is me and my sister when we were kids in Chardon, Ohio. Chardon is in the snow belt and used to get quite a bit of snow.
It was fun as a kid but man, I don't miss it now!
Testing out blogging from my cell phone

Hudson Flying High


Ann The Cat

We recently got some great pizza in Dunwoody at the Mellow Mushroom on a Thursday and they have free face painting. It was great to give the kids somethign to do in a safe environment so the parents could have some "grown-up" conversations. :-)

Happy Hudson

Hudson was very excited to get his new truck. It is a recycle (garbage) truck that Rachel picked up at the DUMC consignment sale. The back opens up and he (and his sister) love to put stuff in there, close it up...and then peek back in at their loot!

Innovation Interactive hits the big screen (sort of)