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Ann asleep in my chair


Terry Tate the Office Linebacker - The Office Linebacker

This is the first in the series, I guess.

Atlanta House


Ann eating her 1st spaghetti dinner

Well she is a year and a half now and starting to eat some "people" food. We gave her a couple bits of pasta last week and she seemed to like it so we have her a plate of her own today.

Ann Eating Some Spaghetti


Ann with a stick


Ann Playing in the water


Ann's Smile


Two legged walking dog!!

This is so awesome, this dog only has two hind legs and walks like a person!

Public Toilet in San Jose

Here is a public toilet in San Jose. Two bits gets you in. I wish I had a quarter because I wanted to get some pictures of the inside.

Pictures from SES


Some booths from SES in San Jose


Strange Light at SES in San Jose

The meeting halls at SES
had these strange lights.


Google's own dance club in the GooglePlex
Google neon sign hanging on the wall.

Some of the many free beverages and food that Google provides to it's employees.

This is one of the cafeteria's and it was packed. I feel sorry for the poor guy who had to work that day and was just trying to go to lunch. The place was packed with people and they were all drinking.

More of the GooglePlex

People lining up to get a seat on one of the 7 or 8 busses that were rented out.
At Google

The line of people getting their free Google Dance T-Shirt. They didn't have 2XL...bogus

One of the Google buildings. To the left is a catwalk (of sorts) that crosses over the courtyard. The yellow signs were product demonstrations. To the right is where the food and booze was. Oh and they had water too. (I thing I was the only one drinking the water)

SES in San Jose

Here is an outside view of the convention center.

It seemed to be rather busy here. The rooms were bigger than NYC and they were still full.

A panel of experts including Matt Cutts (no I am not a Cuttlett)

The Sainta Claire in San Jose

I can't say when I have seen a mail shute like this in a hotel. It ran down the length of the of the hotel right next to the elevators. This actually looks like a very long hallway but there are mirrors at the end. There is a lot of detail at this hotel. Detail in the wood work and accents that you just don't see in a normal hotel.

An outside view of the hotel.

Hotel in San Jose

What a nice view from the room:
Kinda cool that there is an open stairway. I tried to take them rather than the elevator.