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RankBrain - Google Now Using AI (Artificial Intelligence) To Help Sort Search Results

Bloomberg Business reported yesterday that Google was using a new machine-learning artificial intelligence which it dubbed RankBrain. This new system will help sort through the plethora of results Google finds every second of every day. Since it is a machine learning system it will automatically adjust based on the information it finds rather than being dependent upon a person to provide an update to the way it functions.

What it's not: RankBrain is NOT a new Search Algorithm. That came along over two years ago and was named Hummingbird in 2013. RankBrain is simply a way to sort through all the noise out there in the form of many billions of pages on the web. It is a part of Hummingbird rather than a replacement for it. According to the Bloomberg article BrainRank is the third-most important signal contributing to how the results are organized and sorted. If you are like me, you probably asked, well...what are the first two? It is my opinion that links are and will remain #1 for …