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Windows Genuine Annoyance?

Privacy experts and PC users alike blast Microsoft's antipiracy tool. I put in a new motherboard and had to call them to verify my windows. It was the same chipset and the harddrive saw it as the same motherboard but windows asked me to enter the windows code. When I did I was told that that code was taken. No kidding! It is my code. So I had to call them and put in the key to get a new code. read more  |  digg story

Google BenchAds???

This is a bench in South Florida. Could this be

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Just saw it over the weekend. If you see it wait for an easter egg at the end of the credits. The credits are long but it is cute. I know, you have to pee after that extra large drink but hold it for 5 min!

Savannah Crazy

Can you get one more sticker on this car?  


Ann wearing her patriotic pjs and getting into Rhiannon's cabinets.  

Ann gets a face full of tale

Ann got a face full of tale from Oliver up in Savannah