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Help Me Stop This Now!

Help me put an end to childhood cancer! As a father of two I was deeply moved by this video: I’m going to do something pretty extreme, and I’m asking you to support me with a donation for childhood cancer research! What am I doing?  I’m going to have my head shaved at a St. Baldrick’s Foundation event. With my bald head, I’ll stand in solidarity with kids being treated for cancer. But the real point of all this is to raise money for life-saving research.  I’m doing it for infants, children, teens and young adults fighting cancer.  While it’s especially hard to think of kids fighting cancer, I’m also glad to know that some of the research supported by this foundation ultimately helps to fight all cancers. Please make a donation on my head and come watch us “Shaving the Way to Conquer Kids’ Cancer!” March 10th at The Harp Irish Pub 1425 Market Blvd Suite 1339 Roswell, GA

Google Webmaster Tools Error

 I find it ironic that I got a 404 error when trying to download my 404 errors from Google Webmaster Tools: