Fall in Dunwoody

Fall is in the air here in Dunwoody Georgia. Yesterday we started our first of many afternoons raking up leaves. Ann had a blast trudging through them once they were piled neatly in a row. We have been reading Winny The Poo to her at night and in one of the stories they are raking leaves. She is pretending to be Tigger by bouncing into the leaves and then throwing them up in the air. It is really fun to watch her play and interact with things now. She has such a great imagination. She is a good helper too. She has a yellow plastic rake which she was using to gather up leaves. Unfortunately she found it was easier to rake the leaves out of the pile I had just made rather than making a pile of her own! But all in all it was a fun day. The leaves are starting to get beautiful around here. Lots of reds, yellows, and orange.
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