Google Rich Snippet Testing Tool

Google recently announced that it has released a new version of the rich snippet testing tool which it has also renamed the "structured data testing tool".
There are three changes to the tool:
  1. An improvement in how they display rich snippets in the testing tool to more closely match how they would appear in the search results.
  2.  They have tweaked the UI and appearance of the tool to make the data that is extracted and used from the page more transparent.
  3. Lastly, Google has made the tool available in more languages.

The tool also allows you to track the number of items (objects) and number of pages where the objects are found:

The tool can also be used to see what structured data other sites (including competitors) are using as well as what components Google is pulling from the page. The rich snippet testing tool is available to everyone (without logging in.) To try the tool yourself, visit:
Here’s an example of the available data using a story from Bloomberg:


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